Peachtree Quantum Company Rebuild

If you need help with rebuilding your Peachtree company, I am available for consulting. Please contact me using the form below.

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I build custom Peachtree Apps!

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My Free Peachtree Utilities:

Inventory Stock Reorder Utility

Click here to download.

This program reads your inventory and past sales orders to determine which inventory items are running low on stock. It creates a simple web page that you can print and review which items are critically low and need to be reordered.

Free Peachtree Credit Card Batch Reconcile helper program.

Click here to download.

This program calculates for you which Peachtree receipts belong to which credit card batches. What took hours reconciling and adding up receipts trying to match credit card batches on your bank statement, now takes minutes!

Contact me for support or questions.

Need help rebuilding your Peachtree company's database? Do you have a bloated slow database or do you need to change your accounting fiscal year? Peachtree does not provide good tools for this, and the import/export built-in functions require nightmare levels of data massaging to get it right.

Peachtree's purge function leaves thousands of hidden records still in the database, and it does not compress the database after the purge. Our company's database was 571 mb before and after the year-end purge. But after rebuilding the company, the size dropped to 231 mb. Thats a 60% database size reduction. Listing "All Transactions" and running Crystal Reports are significantly faster.

Do you have old transactions from years ago that you cannot seem to purge? Rebuilding can remove these. You can also easily make large changes that are not possible from within Peachtree. For example, switch your inventory from average costing to FIFO, or change items from non-stock to stock en masse. Purge old inventory items or customers that no longer appear on sales or purchase orders. Rebuilding is also the only way to change your accounting periods or your fiscal year.

I have developed a full suite of Visual Basic and C# .Net programs that use the Peachtree SDK (software development kit) to help automate the rebuild process. This includes fully rebuilding the inventory with quantity, price, BOM (bill of materials), etc., as well as all journals, lists, and beginning balances!
peachtree quantum 2009
Works with Peachtree 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

Example of importing the Cash Receipts Journal:
preachtree rebuild import log
Import Running

All source code written in VB.Net and uses the Peachtree SDK: sourcecode
VB.Net Source Code

What can you transfer in a rebuild?

  • Chart of Accounts, including beginning balances in all accounts!
  • All Journals (Sales, Sales Orders, Purchase, etc.)
  • All Lists (Employee, Customers, Vendors, etc.)
  • Inventory, including Bill of Materials, price and quantity!
  • Rebuilding inventory also lets you make changes en masse. Such as making all your inventory ID's conform, fixing the BOM, and the GL accounts.
  • Inventory Assemblies and Adjustments journals
  • Custom reports, Custom forms
  • Sales Taxes

What will NOT transfer in a rebuild?

  • All "Default Information" found under menu Options->Default Information, but this is easily copied.
  • "Attachments" to inventory or customer records. They must be copied by hand.
  • Memorized Transactions: If you use a lot of these, it is possible to open both the original company and new company side by side to facilitate copy and pasting the transactions over.
  • Inventory FIFO is not perfect. The more records you transfer, the better the inventory cost will be, but any difference will have to be adjusted via an inventory adjustment.
  • Unit/Measure importing was broken in Peachtree 2009 and earlier. It may not be possible to import these, so they will need to be copied by hand.
  • Quantity Discounts will likely need to be copied by hand.
Search for "rebuild an existing peachtree company" in your Peachtree's help for an overview of the rebuilding process.
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